Josh Johnson



Josh began his career working for a construction company in Austin, learning to build homes from the ground up before focusing his skills on flooring installations and bathroom designing and finish out. With an opportunity to expand his construction experience into the real estate appraisal industry in 2006, he began his apprenticeship and became licensed in 2009, followed by his certification in 2012. In 2014 he started Clarity Appraisals, where he grew the business to 10 employees completing over 150 appraisals per month in Central Texas. Over the last 8 years, he has become a preferred appraiser for top lenders, specifically on their high value panels, completing over 60 appraisal reports in the past 3 years with values greater than $10 million and multiple appraisal reports with values greater than $30 million. After another opportunity to expand his knowledge and expertise into Real Estate sales, he joined The Andy Allen Team in 2024 and is excited to help buyers and sellers confidently make decisions in real estate. Josh has been in Austin since 1982 and is excited about where Austin is heading and foresees continued growth.